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Strengthens and Shapes Your Butt, Legs and Core
Just 5 Minutes a Day!
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Scientifically Tested & Designed For Ease of Use
Ingenious Design
Using Arc Resistance Technology, the Legmagic Plus has a smooth, gliding motion, allowing for increased cardio work at the same time helping to tone the entire lower body, glutes and abdominals.
Sculpt your lower body
Look, feel and fit better in your jeans. Have a strong butt, thighs and flat abs. Legmagic Plus is the perfect solution to sculpt your whole lower body!
Scientifically Tested
Legmagic Plus activates the muscles in the lower body and when used in a high intensity interval fashion, it is a very effective way to workout.

Fast & Effective Lower Body Sculpting Solution
Shapes Your Butt, Legs and Core in 5 minute workouts!

Just 5 minute workouts is all it takes to begin experiencing the toning and strengthening benefits of your Legmagic Plus+ exerciser. With regular use of your Legmagic Plus+ exerciser and consistent aerobic exercise, you may soon notice some amazing results.

  • Build More Endurance and Stamina
  • Gets heart rate up for a cardio workout
  • Ultimate Lower Body Sculpting Solution
  • NO Assembly Required, Hop on, Glide and Enjoy The Ride
  • Compact Easily Folds For Storage
  • Low Impact - Great For All Fitness Levels
Easy To Use Just Hop on, Glide and Enjoy The Ride!
Ready To Go With Just The Push of A Button
On the LegMagic Plus I feel strong - I feel confident and sexy."

- Anna G, 26, Sales Rep
When my husband looks at me now he says, "wow, my wife is smokin’!"

- Jena S, 30, Mom
“I'm in the best shape of my life."

- Janea J, 23, Student
Optional Accessories To Enhance Your Workout
You will be presented with these amazing optional accessories before the checkout to add to your order
Body Analysing Scales
Keep on top of your fitness goals with these Body Analysing Scales. Compact body analyser scale comes complete with a large easy read display.

Exercise Mat
The Exercise Mat is perfect for placing under your unit not only during your workout, but also for support and comfort when enjoying other exercises in your routine.

LegMagic Plus - Advanced Toning Kit 
This set includes 2 sets of resistance bands giving you the ultimate in resistance options and 2 toning arm bands to work your arms to the max.

Get The Body You've Always Wanted!
Save £100
Was £129.99
Now £29.99 
+ £5.99 P&P